Supporting Women and Families

Birth is a life changing event; beautiful, daunting and overwhelming at times. I gave birth to a beautiful boy two years ago and it was an amazing journey.  I have been blessed to have strong nurturing people around me up until now and I want all mothers to feel that!   


I feel a strength in me that has come through having a difficult labour and with that a high degree of empathy and compassion.   My aim is to nurture you so that you feel empowered, supported and seen during this special time. You can count on me to make sure you feel confident throughout the entire process.

I would like to offer my emotional support, my ears to truly listen, my hands to offer practical help and guidance when needed. 

I can also offer Indian Head Massages, Reiki, Yoga, breathing, visualization techniques aswell as nutritional recipes/meals.



Hayley Reid

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