Prior to my doula work, I was focussed on my yoga classes and workshops which

were mainly about empowerment. 

I would like to continue this work alongside the doula work to help women get

more in tune with their strength and inner peace.  This can be incorporated into

the doula sessions or can separate.

After my birth, it took some time to step back into my own power and own it again. 

With my new role as a dedicated mother, I had to make time to align myself again

with my dreams and values.  As mothers, we still deserve to nurture our inner

desires and passions. 

Women who are empowered, empower other women and this motto is what

I stand by. As a doula, mother and women, 

I have a toolkit which is full of techniques and treatments to get you back to your

full potential......

This work can include breath-work, yoga, talking therapy, theta sessions to change patterns of belief, ceremonial cacao, voice-work and much much more.  


Check out this empowering online course to inspire you on your path :