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These are some testimonials from the Mothers who have previously done this course :

'I am really enjoying the Empowering Mothers course by Hayley,

I am on module 3 out of 6. with each module I find something very precious,

sacred, a little gift that I dig out of my subconscious to the surface with Hayley’s

gracious guidance when my toddler is asleep,  do the meditations with Hayley

and it’s the best use of this brief half an hour of quiet what I love most about

this course is that it’s very clearly designed by Hayley with lots of love and

healing intention, coming from her experience and insight.

I feel her love in every word she says. there is more practice than talking -

just what I need! thank you Hayley… what a beautiful offering' Joanna M

'I really enjoyed this course. It was extremely peaceful and well thought out. I have

learned how to breathe again and take time for myself. I have been reminded to be true

to who I truly am and to honour my feelings.  Hayley has built a beautiful course for

Mothers. It is so important to take time out and have deep gratitude. Lee Mc

 ' I have done the first 2 meditations from the journal link.

 I wish you had seen me after the meditation about being perfect and whole. 

I struggle with self esteem and worth and I cried afterwards.

I will definitely be doing this kind of thing more. Loving your course, it's beautiful' 

K. Williamson

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