I have been teaching Kundalini yoga for the last six years in various locations and with various groups of people.  

Recently I have been working with women on a 1:1 basis both in person and online to assist people on their path to personal empowerment and peace.

This type of yoga will not only strengthen the body and mind with gentle stretching and breathing, it will also activate your own personal energy supply and allow the prana to flow freely.

What is Kundalini yoga?

It can be said that cannot stay the same when you practice Kundalini Yoga. The very nature of what we do is to awaken the energy of consciousness, to practice in a way that sheds light on our self-imposed limitations, and invites us to think out of the box and develop our intuitive mind. 

What makes Kundalini different is that it approaches yoga like a “technology” through a sequence of movements called a kriya. Kriyas include:

  • Asanas (postures)

  • Mantras (sound vibration)

  • Bandhas (body locks) – also known as bandhs in the Kundalini tradition

  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)

  • Mudras (energy seals with hand gestures)

  • Meditation

All classes are adapted according to the individual or the group.