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“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there”

My Story

After giving birth to my son Kai, I embarked on a deep journey to connect with my new identity as a mother. I wanted to bring my strength to my new role that meant nurturing and protecting another being.  As someone interested in psychology and personal development, this made me dig very deep.  


The biggest lesson for me was to allow others to enter into my world to provide support. I had always been able to fill my own being using my own personal toolkit but this was proving not to be enough during my pregnancy and birth.  I needed emotional support from other strong women and so I reached out.  This was the most empowering step that I took and connected me to amazing doulas in Edinburgh who offered their care, advice and warm support.  

I had emotional support to help me prepare for my birth, someone who listened and helped me visualize and plan my birth. She tuned in and listened to what I really wanted without judgement.  When my boy was born, a friend/doula supported me with nourishing meals/smoothies and offered gentle massages.  She did some housework when I was exhausted, looked after my baby so that I could nap/shower/walk.   All of this support empowered me so that I could fully give to my baby boy.

So, this all led me to  want to bring this support to other women and cater to their individual needs.  We are all unique and all pregnancies are different so I will respect and honour your individual needs throughout.


My Training 

I have supported women all of my life in various settings; work and life. I have led yoga/meditation/sound healing workshops to individuals and groups of women.  I have worked in refuges that support  women who have undergone domestic abuse. I have received a lot of training in counselling and other therapeutical work for women.  To consolidate all of this experience and bring it into the field of doula work, I did postnatal training with Victoria Greenly - Owner of Younique Postnatal.  

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